International Equity Income 

The strategy invests in a portfolio of high quality international stocks and seeks a target yield of 4 to 5% in addition to capital appreciation.  The portfolio consists of thirty six stocks in seven equally weighted sectors.  The portfolio seeks to reduce volatility through its diversification and focus on blue chips, and by eliminating exposure to emerging markets and financials.  The portfolio is rebalanced quarterly, and uses a disciplined and repeatable fundamental approach.  The strategy also seeks to outperform the MSCI EAFE index.


Global Opportunity 

The strategy follows a fundamental, research-driven investment approach that pursues best equity ideas on a global basis. We seek attractive long-term total returns combining a primary objective of capital appreciation with an attractive income stream, and capital protection through portfolio hedges. The strategy provides exposure to high-quality and cyclically favorable companies with growth opportunities across global markets. We may use leverage to enhance returns when appropriate, and we deploy disciplined investment and hedging strategies to manage downside risk.




Unconstrained International Equity 

We believe that the lack of research coverage in the international small-cap space, combined with the large number of companies in this area creates market inefficiencies. The strategy seeks to exploit these inefficiencies by searching for high-quality growth and cyclically favorable companies with attractive valuations. We actively manage risk by deploying disciplined hedging and other risk reduction strategies with the objective of protecting capital and mitigating losses in down markets. We endeavor to produce attractive risk-adjusted returns.



International Small Cap - Long 

We search for high-quality companies with attractive valuations and catalysts for performance. We look for favorable structural and cyclical factors that provide support to our investment thesis.  We believe that the lack of research coverage combined with the large number of companies operating in the international small-cap space creates a very attractive investment pool.  Lack of liquidity in the space can also cause valuation anomalies.  Our primary investment objective is to produce attractive risk-adjusted returns for our investors.


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